Amazon S3 and Cloudfront Review

by Ruchira on August 16, 2011

I have tried amazon s3 and cloudfront services on this blog few months ago and had some “Not worth staying with” experience with amazon web services. However I’m still using s3 and cloudfront to serve images for few posts on this blog and you can find the post I done about amazon aws here – […]


Get Amazon EC2 instance free with ubuntu 10

by Ruchira on October 19, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat was released few days ago and yes I have upgraded my Lucid Lynx to Meerkat 2 days ago so now this blog runs on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick meerkat and I have dropped centos on all of my servers because ubuntu is great and stable. So the news is now Ubuntu team […]


Using Amazon S3 with wordpress

by Ruchira on October 3, 2010

Now Im running Ubuntu+Nginx+PHP-FPM+Memcached on this blog. And pingdom says my website loads about in 4 seconds and I want to drive it further! I know this kind of page load time really blows many CDN enabled sites. But I wanted to try out and then I have faced problems here is info- Hmm […]