Samsung has just announced the refreshment of galaxy tab series with Galaxy Tab 3.0. Higher end option is the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 ($399) which packs 1.6Ghz Intel Atom Z2560 processor with just 1GB of RAM and good ol’ 1280*800 LCD TFT display. Galaxy Tab 8.0 and 7.0 also gets the refreshment and Galaxy Tab […]


Vine has gained lots of loyal users since it started just few months ago. Vine isn’t really a ground braking concept but surprisingly its now used by many users worldwide. Personally I think 6 seconds isn’t enough for a video. Instagram has definitely felt the need to do something like Vine and today it launched […]


Theme up your Android with Mycolorscreen

by Ruchira on June 12, 2013

One of the advantages of Android over IOS is that you can theme Android, anyway you like. Even you could make it look like IOS, however that would be silly ūüôā . is basically a theme sharing web site. Theme creators and enthusiasts posts their home screens on mycolorscreen with information on what apps […]


“Shield” is the Nvidia’s approach to the handheld gaming market. Few minutes ago Nvidia has¬†announced¬†the pre-order availability. Nvidia Shield is now available to pre-order from NewEgg¬†, GameStop¬†and Nvidia’s own web store¬†for just $349.99. Release data is mentioned as 06/04/2013 Shiled concept is not ground braking at all, Its just an Android gaming device but the […]


Google Glass hardware

by Ruchira on May 10, 2013

Google glass made the headlines on tech sites since its been released. ¬†Glass really seems a nice idea but still the uses of it are really less.¬†Even though¬†Google has made available the API for it, the hardware elements you can address are limited. A programmer called Lance Nanek has found a nice set of officially […]


How to install Viber on PC or Mac

by Ruchira on May 7, 2013

Whatsapp is dominating the mobile market. I have used both but¬†immediately¬†fell in love with Viber because of its free call function unlike Whatsapp which is only a instant messaging service. I have wrote how you can install Whatsapp on PC¬†but getting Viber to run on an Android emulator is nightmare. Fear no more, Viber has […]


Best ROM for Galaxy SIII

by Ruchira on March 2, 2013

    I have owned Galaxy SIII for about 8 months now. And as a advanced user I like to change my Rom¬†periodically not just because things get boring quickly for me but also¬†to try out different and exciting things which can be done on my device. Speaking of my previous devices I had Galaxy […]


MEGA Android App

by Ruchira on February 13, 2013

      MEGA which is Kim Dotcom’s¬†successor¬†to MegaUpload seems to be gaining traction on Cloud storage market very quickly. I have personally tried MEGA and its great for storing personal data on the cloud. It gives you 50GB for free and latest 2048bit RSA encryption makes your hosted files safe from intruders.¬†But what about […]