Overheating? Control macbook pro fan!

by Ruchira on June 25, 2012

Is your macbook pro overheating? If you keep your macbook on your lap you might feel the burning sensation on your lap when running few resource heavy tasks like watching flash videos ( yes I found that makes our macbooks hotter than running any other program duh! ) . Typically macbooks are designed to be […]


My Iphone 5/4S Predictions

by Ruchira on September 28, 2011

  Apple sent a email to reporters Tuesday saying “Let’s talk iphone” . You can see the image contained on it above, Actually Apple is getting ready to announce next generation Iphone on on October 4th. We cant expect apple to launch the device on the same day but they will release specs,pics and also […]


Fancy Itune spams

by Ruchira on October 6, 2010

Today I checked my spam box to find out any important emails caught as spam. Bummer I saw several Itune Store receipts came in to my spambox. Some of items on those receipts are valued than $500. I didn’t bought any of them but Im registered member of itunes store but not under this […]


Cherry’s better than apple?

by Ruchira on September 3, 2010

Cheerypal a China based computer (mainly laptops) manufacturer introduced super low price netbooks and laptops few months ago. It seems to be a better option than buying a netbook for about $300~500 Cherrypal sells brandnew netbooks not refurbished ones their ambition looks like same as OLPC “One Laptop Per Child” and they loves opensource Im […]

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