How to remove comments box on wordpress

by Ruchira on May 8, 2013

See that WordPress comments box above? If you ever built a generic business page or something on WordPress you might want to remove the this comments section from the page/post. There are numerous ways to remove the comments section from a WordPress installation. You can do this by editing the CSS or editing the single.php , home.php […]


Is 2013 the year of Spam?

by Ruchira on February 23, 2013

For past few weeks I have been noticing increased number of Spam comments on my pending comments list. As you might know the comments you make on this blog is set to be accepted by me before appearing as comments. So when I go through the comments like I said before, There were many spam […]


Back to Basics!

by Ruchira on August 14, 2011

Hi guys! Did you missed me? 🙂 I know some of you guys visit everyday to read my posts. Feedburner count shows that clearly. Sorry I didn’t wrote anything for last 6 weeks. Lots of thing changed recently, When things keeps me busy its hard to think of something special to write about. But now […]

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Its always makes me proud thinking about where I am now since my first post of this blog. Its now 2 years that I started this blog. I started this blog targeting a post-perday. But for now I was only able to make 169 posts because of many reasons. Im not a full time blogger […]


This is exactly my past! and future?

by Ruchira on April 4, 2011

  This is my present past and future. But I hope I will able to inject some blogging to it by today. So lets see….