If you are concerned about your security of being online, you should be already using different passwords for everything that you use. In my case I have few very long passwords and for not much important things I use small memorable passwords. However I don’t store my passwords anywhere, I just remember those. Just today […]


How to get free SSL certificates

by Ruchira on March 19, 2013

  SSL is the industry standard to prevent eavesdropping on the internet. SSL is becoming mainstream because of increasing number of attacks on the interwebs. However SSL certificates comes at a cost, I know most of you wont go that extra step of securing your site with SSL because of this cost.


Just like you can add a web site short cut to your PC’s desktop for easier access you can do the same on your Android jelly bean device if you wanted to. Process is quite simple just open up the web site on chrome that you like to have as a home screen shortcut and […]

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