nginx auto installer

Nginx Auto Installer minor update

by Ruchira on May 17, 2013

You might know about the Nginx Auto install script listed on this blog . Its been almost 3 years since I have released my first modified version of it. Those days my version brought a lot of changes to the original version because my version came with the latest versions of Nginx , PHP.  But later on the […]


LNMP 0.5 released! few upgrades

by Ruchira on October 11, 2010

LNMP ( Linux+Nginx+Mysql+PHP ) new version 0.5 was released few days ago. You might be already know that this blog runs on little bit modified LNMP 0.4 version. because of that I’m waiting to upgrade to latest version too. The latest version has minor nginx update to 0.7.67 while LNMP 0.4 has 0.7.65 . So […]