I have written many guides on how you can setup proxies and VPN tunnels to access the country restricted web sites such as Hulu,Netflix,Pandora,BBC Iplayer . ¬†However those things comes at a cost and average internet users wont like to make their own VPN or Proxy. And another limitation of those is […]


How to make your own VPN for less than $2 a month

by Ruchira on November 22, 2012

If you want to access blocked web sites on your country or if you want to get US only services like Hulu,Netflix,Pandora from anywhere in the world, best solution is to get in to a good US based proxy or tunnel your traffic via VPN, I have explained the first option here. Building a proxy […]

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Best way to build traffic for your proxy site!

by Ruchira on September 7, 2010

Hey, Web based proxies can make real money with adsense if you got traffic but its hard to get long term traffic to a single domain because most of proxy users use proxies to access blocked sites them from school or their workplace. So most of places has network filtering softwares designed for blocking unauthorized […]