“Shield” is the Nvidia’s approach to the handheld gaming market. Few minutes ago Nvidia has announced the pre-order availability. Nvidia Shield is now available to pre-order from NewEgg , GameStop and Nvidia’s own web store for just $349.99. Release data is mentioned as 06/04/2013 Shiled concept is not ground braking at all, Its just an Android gaming device but the […]


Nvidia announces Tegra 4i with inbuilt LTE

by Ruchira on February 19, 2013

    Nvidia just announced the Tegra 4i processor which got integrated LTE chip on processor SoC. This is really good news because we all know that having to run separate LTE chip increases the power consumption and decreases all over efficiency because of many constraints by having to transport all the communication data in and out […]


Nvidia announces Tegra 4

by Ruchira on January 7, 2013

    Nvidia just announced its brand spanking new Tegra 4 processor at CES 2013. It keeps the same 4 + 1 Core architecture and its the first announced Cortex A15 processor built on 28nm fabrication process.  It features 72 GPU cores and Nvidia is claiming that’s 6X fast than the Tegra 3 from last year.