Server uptime world record

by Ruchira on April 2, 2013

  If you are a sysadmin or if you have worked with servers I bet you might have wondered whats the longest uptime a server ever had. Look above, The bar is now set at 6030 days which is about 16 years. Its running Netware v3.12 which is built to share files and printers over […]


Simple PHP Web uptime script

by Ruchira on December 5, 2010

Having 100s days of server uptime with your shiny linux box? Wanna showoff like I want to do? 😛 Or want to monitor server uptime without SSHing to server? There is nice way to showoff your uptime in simple PHP script which requires nothing fancy changes on your linux box. Ill will display system time […]


Find out uptime of a server without SSH

by Ruchira on November 28, 2010

If you have a VPS or dedicated server you might be definitely interested on keeping long uptime record ( Online time of server without restart). But if you have VPS or dedicated server you will probably have SSH access to your server so you can view uptime using just 1 easy command below uptime But […]