My thoughts about Headphone/Earphone Burn in

by Ruchira on January 10, 2013

headphone burn in



No we aren’t talking about burning your headphones like shown above. Instead we are talking about Burn in which is about new  earphones or headphones getting better after you listen to music for about a day or two. Also I’m not gonna talk about what is burn in, you can find nice FAQ over at Head-fi .

So lets get in to the topic, Burn in effect is considered as a myth by many people, I was one them too until I got my own high end earbuds. I have to accept that there is certainly an improvement happens when you listen music for few days. I discovered it with my Altec lansing backbeat 903 bluetooth stereo headset about 3 years ago. It sounded tinny and at first I blamed myself for the reason I bought it.  But sound begun to improve from time and I was happy at last.

Same happened with my JVC XtremeXplosives , Meelectronics M6P earbuds. When I unboxed those and listened for the first time the sound was not great but after about 2 days of use it surely changed and delivered the best quality experience. So I certainly trust that, the burn in effect is surely there.

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