TOR exit node owner raided in Austria

by Ruchira on November 30, 2012

With the ever increasing rules on Internet copyrights and content sharing rules, running a TOR exit node is like waving hand to hackers and law enforcement agencies. This is what happened to a man who operates multiple TOR exit nodes on Europe. Named William Weber who lives on Austria got his apartment raided by LKA (Styrian Landeskriminalamt which is FBI equivalent type agency on Austria ).

According to his blog about 25000Euro worth computers and other tech gear such as Storage arrays,Ipads were taken in to custody.

Seven LKA officers, two police offers, and a court-appointed expert witness started a search of the flat, without respecting my privacy or property whatsoever. Paper documents in a cupboard were read, and no care was taken of my cat (who I was allowed to lock into another room later). My storage cubes (HP MicroServers) were confiscated without any regard for the hardware – the power cords were simply ripped out / hard shutdown, instead of properly shutting them down by the operating system. My main PC was shut down normally, as far as i could determine. After finishing the search in my living room, they continued in my bedroom, where they confiscated my legal firearms, as well as my cable TV receiver, and my Xbox 360.


Complain is that his exit node is used to distribute child porn, Of course the people who run Tor nodes should expect those since majority of the Tor users, use Tor relays for hiding their shady activities. I understand that there are genuine users who use the Tor relays,  And as I would love to spare some boxes for Tor exit nodes, I would expect the trouble in return.

You can read more about the story on his blog

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