Turn your Macbook or Macbook Pro in to a seismograph

by Ruchira on January 5, 2013


See that seismograph above? That’s pretty accurate seismographic data generated directly from my Macbook Pro. How is that possible? Well I’m glad you asked. All Macbook’s and Macbook Pro’s ( Not latest SSD storage only models ) comes with a sensor called SMS “Sudden Motion Sensor” which is basically a accelerometer built in to your mac for detecting sudden accelerations,vibrations or drops. Its used to stop and park the hard drive heads instantly if one of those reasons occur, so it can prevent the hard drive head from touching the platters and likely scratching it when a impact occurs.  You can read more about SMS here on Apple’s knowledgebase 

This accelerometer is interestingly very accurate on detecting the movements. Seismac is a free application which you can use to unlock the potential of the Sudden Motion Sensor. It gives nice real time X Y Z axis acceleration graphs which you can expand and contract vertically and horizontally. You can set the sampling rate up to 500Hz which I found really cool and also save the data coming out of it. So give it a try if you have earlier mentioned Macbook in your possession 🙂

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