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by Ruchira on September 3, 2010

Oh dont worry about the topic.Im not talking about how twitter can kill people, Im talking about twitter killing websites it can be called “twitter effect” like digg effect. I think you know what happens if your website digged to home page of this might be simple to you if you have huge dedicated server to handle more requests second. But most of people use shared hosting accounts to host their web sites. And everyone know shared hosting is extremely fragile.

It doesn’t matter if you have installed a php caching plugin like “WP Super Cache” for your wordpress blog if you get 100 requests a second I’m sure that your shared hosting server will crash because they are already oversold.

I can remember that some of dudes invented shared hosting services specially for survive in digg effect. like they boasts they can handle digg effect on their fast servers. But I don’t know if they will or not,

Ok lets get to the topic!

How can twitter kill websites like digg?

Answer is simple if you have more than 5000 twitter followers and if you twit about your latest blog post on twitter your site will instantly get more than about 100 visitors with my experience.

twitter effect

I have little more than 1000 followers every time i twit about my blog post I got more than 30 visitors in a second. SO that makes about 20~30 req/s (it can be not exactly 30req/s because seconds passing like crazy 😛 )

These time its very hard to be digged to the home page because lots of new articles appearing on digg every second because of that even you have hot new most of the time you gets 1 digg and thats your digg.

But Twitter traffic can be generated very easily. Just you need is few thousands of followers 🙂 Ill be very happy to stress test my server with twitter effect if anyone sponsor me 😛 I mean if you have more than 10000 followers and submit my blog in your timeline.


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