Ubuntu 13.04 released and my thoughts

by Ruchira on April 29, 2013



Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail got released  few days ago on April 25th. I have been using Ubuntu as server OS for past 3 years and as you might already know I have switched to Ubuntu from Windows as my primary work OS about 8 months ago and I don’t regret it. Until the release of 13.04 I had 12.10 wubi dual boot setup because that’s how I started using Ubuntu. Even though I had dual boot setup I didn’t used windows at all, I had it on my 128GB Samsung 830 SSD and since the space on my wubi installation was running out I have decided to wait for 13.04 release and do a clean installation of Ubuntu without any dual boot setup.

Everything went fine during the installation and after few minutes I was rocking Ubuntu 13.04. Immediately I have noticed how fast it is. Ubuntu 12.10 was also fast when booting up etc but 13.04 booted up faster than that and shutting down takes just few seconds.

According to Canonical, Ubuntu 13.04 doesn’t bring much of feature changes but there were focusing on how they can make Ubuntu faster than ever and reducing the memory footprint. I think they have truly delivered that promise. Dash feels faster and responsive when typing and browsing files feels considerably faster too.

However I’m having some sort of graphics issue which results in some weird things like flickering the dash when I’m typing something on it and new Shut Down dialog seems to be too transparent, however I don’t know the transparency is a bug or its the way it supposed to be, but its certainly annoying.





Other than that, Raring Ringtail is just perfect release and I have yet to face any troubles with it. I haven’t experimented with server version of Raring, As soon as images become available with providers Ill start deploying it and will see how it goes.

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