Worlds biggest DDoS attack is now ongoing at 300Gbps

by Ruchira on March 27, 2013




Worlds biggest known DDoS attack is currently happening. Targeted at SpamHaus anti spam projects web servers and this is caused to slow down the entire internet because attack already reached 300Gbps yes you read that right! Attack believed to be originated from German Data center service provider CyberBunker  because of ongoing allegations between SpamHaus and CyberBunker. SpamHaus decided to blacklist entire IP range of CyberBunker because CB has a policy of hosting everything except child porn and terrorist activities. This led people to host every other spam and hacking related things on its web servers and angered SpamHaus making it to request A2B which is a IP transit provider for CyberBunker to stop servicing CB anymore. As the SpamHaus site says

The owner of the small Dutch transit ISP claimed on Tuesday 11 Oct to have filed a report with local police in the Dutch region of Zaanstreek-Waterland accusing Spamhaus of “extortion” and carrying out a “DoS attack” on his network. Spamhaus had flagged A2B Internet BV as a ‘dirty ISP’ which was knowingly selling internet connectivity to spam and crime outfits, and had listed one of A2B Internet’s IP ranges on the Spamhaus Block List (“SBL”) for persistently selling internet connectivity to spam and crime outfits.

These allegations continued and this DDoS attack should be the answer from CyberBunker.  While projects like SpamHaus is important, its not practical in some cases. After reading all these reports I believe SpamHaus is trying to go beyond their scope and trying to play the police on internet. They are clearly trying to blackmail ISP’s by flagging them “dirty” because those ISP’s supply transit for people who like freedom of speech. If someone hosts something illegal, there are plenty of legal ways to solve those cases. SpamHaus shouldn’t play judge and executioner all by itself to solve these issues.

So speaking of that massive attack, experts claim that caused internet to slow down little bit and I believe its the case here in Sri lanka because every ISP had latency problems and packet loss for noticeable period of time. CloudFlare is said to be helping out SpamHaus at the moment and Spamhaus is online at the time of writing.

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