Yomomedia, must have app for windows mobile

by Ruchira on September 7, 2010

If you want to get in touch with any kind of latest news ( I like tech news) you might be visiting news web sites daily or might reading RSS feeds or email subscriptions. But its little bit harder to keep in touch if you read lots of sites a day. So there is a nice app for do this its called Yomomedia

It works on new WM6.5 and old WM6.0 and 6.1 devices you just need to download the version which suits your windows mobile’s screen size (Non touch and touch) And there is a iphone compatible version too.

There are few preset feed urls inside the app and you can manually add and feed url to sync it to the yomomedia app. This saves lots of time. Problem is some sites doesn’t offer full feed rss ( they offer only a part of post in rss and you need to visit the main site to read the other part of the post) you can resolve the problem inside the app because there is a simple web browser built in so you don’t need internet explorer or opera to need the other part.
You can download the app from – www.yomomedia.com
And I must say that this is my favorite app installed on my windows mobile phone!

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